Jessica Jang



The Ethereal Rock

Exhibition:  June 7-28, 2018
Closing Reception: June 28, 2018  6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The title of this exhibition, The Ethereal Rock, is borrowed from a story written in 1679 by Pu Songling.  This short story is about a man who finds a rock and falls in love with it.  The rock is described as having 92 grottoes and the ability to exhale little clouds.  Various incidences occur throughout the story that challenge, not only the man's ability to claim absolute ownership of the rock, but also many others who try to pursue this magical object.  The reader is led to confront notions of desire and the consequences of fanatical devotion. 

The sparse descriptions of the ethereal rock creates an image that is left to the reader's imagination, to be inferred from the endless struggles to possess it. The works in The Ethereal Rock expand upon the passages in the story through drawings, paintings, and sculpture.  The experience of intense preoccupation over a singular subject is replicated through repeated attempts to interpret the the rock, while suggesting that irrational obsession may yield no more than the impossibility of knowing the things closest to us.

Accompanying accessible EDITIONS Project with this exhibition entitled "ED004: Jessica Jang - Diving" is available now through the online store or at the gallery.



Jessica Jang works across mediums such as painting, sculpture, and animation to explore the transformative conditions of liminality and the portal.  Jang draws upon Chinese scholar rocks and mythology to explore the portal's generative possibilities and questions whether bodies can occupy such thresholds.  She holds a BFA from Emily Carr University, a BEd from the University of British Columbia, and is currently completing her final year of her MFA at the University of Guelph.



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Double Happiness Projects launches its inaugural contemporary art fundraiser in support of the Toronto People With AIDS (PWA) Foundation -
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Double Happiness Projects (DHP)
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In our 1st edition of the PHAT silent auction, artworks by national, emerging and local artists were chosen through a curatorial advisory committee.  The works were generously donated by the artists and align with the mandate of Double Happiness Projects' mandate of incubating and exhibiting works that are both accessible and critical.

This year's edition includes works by:  Jamie BradburyJason Deary, Chris Foster, Layne Hinton, Zachari Logan, Andrew Maize, Greg McCarthy, Creators of Objects, Steve Papadopoulos, Gabriel Parniak, Ed Pien, Jenna Faye Powell, Darren Rigo, and Xiao Jing Yan.  

Participating artists also receive a portion of the sales.  In this year's edition, the net monies raised will be donated to the Toronto People with AIDS (PWA) Foundation through its 20th annual Friends for Life Bike Rally.  Toronto PWA offers an array of meaningful support services for individuals living with AIDS and HIV in Toronto.

This year's auction generously supported by:

Event Rental
Chairman Mills

Beer Brewery
Henderson Brewing Co.

Château des Charmes

Jeremy Does Art Prints

Curatorial Advisory Commitee
David Liss (MOCA Toronto Canada)
Leah Resnick (NGC)

This year's collection catalogue can be found here.