Craig Leonard

Maquettes for Non-Trivial Characters

Opening Reception: February 23, 2018 (7 - 10 PM) -
Artist in Attendance
Exhibition: February 26 - March 23, 2018











a rescue is made
a biased verdict
an act of terror
fleeing in disguise
fleeing and hiding
obstacle placed in path of pursuers
series of disguises
rescue from being destroyed
a leap to another location
unrecognized arrival
claims of a false prophet
a difficult task
resolution of a task
solution before a deadline
fulfillment of a request
pious deeds
embarrassment averted
a gift of an immaterial nature
exposure of the enemy
new physical appearance
the building of a fortune
change of fashion



Craig Leonard lives and works in Halifax, NS. He has taught Intermedia at NSCAD University since 2006 after graduating from the MVS program at University of Toronto. Recent exhibitions include Central Art Garage (Ottawa), Acme Project Space (London, UK), Make Work Projects (Saskatoon), Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Halifax) and the Esker Foundation (Calgary).