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"Banality is a problem of late capitalism, a creation of macroeconomics, and an effect of material culture.  Closely bound up with notions of boredom and ennui, the banal is a kind of shorthand for those routines and value systems of high capitalism that are as annoying and trivial as they are obligatory...  Banality could be described as a kind of postindustrial realism, a turn away from the spectacular and an often pitiless focus on its antithesis.  It pans out in images as an obsession with the mundane facts of life under Western capitalism and the bland, omnipresent world of commodity culture."

-Taken from Boredom, Repetition, Inertia:  Contemporary Photography and the Aesthetics of the Banal by Dr. Eugenie Shinkle (Mosaic: An Interdisciplinary Critical Journal, December 2004)