Call for proposals: Winter 2017-2018


DHP is a newly founded experimental space launching the end of this year.  Located in downtown Toronto newly minted gallery district, Lower Junction right across from Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA) and Drake Commissary.

An exhibition space that seeks to support the projects of emerging artists, shining a light on alternative or underrepresented cultural makers and communities.  In part, it is borne out of the belief that the Toronto art landscape is in need of a few more casual, yet critical spaces for discourse.  With soaring real estate pricing out many galleries and alternative, we hope DHP provides the opportunity for experimental interventions by artists, collaborators, curators and the public.  

We currently welcome proposals from local, national and international artists and curators in all stages of their career.

We are especially interested in works and explorations that have yet been exhibited, particularly in Toronto and neighboring areas.  We also give bonus points to the works of emerging artists, ones exploring the Asian diaspora, culture and heritage, and as well ones by NSCAD University alumni.  Projects will be programmed into our space starting November 2017 – December 2018 with each exhibition lasting around one month.



-major wall 18’(L) x 12’(H)
-minor wall behind a counter 15’(L) x 12’(H) across from major wall
-minor floor space in the shape of an “L” 18’(L) x 15’(W) x approx. 10’ in thickness in the same space as the two walls

Our space is well suited for 2-dimensional work, small sculptures, fibre, video, small scaled installations + activations and intimate performances.  But our space is your creative oyster!



1.  Project Description

2.  Technical Description + Requirements + Outreach Event/Idea Linked to the Exhibition

3.  Artist Statement

4.  Artist Bio

5.  CV

6.  Portfolio of past + proposed work (time based work should be uploaded to a site like Vimeo or others with link/s supplied) – max 20 works

7.  Image List (Title, medium, dimensions/durations, date created, brief description)


We are a young space with minimal resources looking to challenge the art landscapes of Toronto.  There is no submission, hanging or rental fees involved with our space.  We will provide curatorial, organization and promotional support.  As we continue to grow with each exhibition, we look forward to supporting them more.

Please have your proposal combined in a PDF document and email to doublehappinessprojects@gmail.com with the subject line “Exhibition Proposal: 2017-2018”. 

DEADLINE: October 9, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST


We thank-you to all submissions, as space is limited we will not be able to accommodate all projects and will keep unaccepted proposals on file for consideration to any future exhibition opportunities.  You can expect a response on our decision either way.