An art exhibition space with no agenda but its own experimental one -- artist's run, no frills -- just double the happiness!  Exploring emerging art ideas, dichotomies and boundaries since 2017. 

At DHP we seek to support the projects of emerging artists, shining a light on alternative or underrepresented cultural makers and communities.  In part, this is borne out of the belief that the Toronto art landscape is in need of a few more casual & inclusive, yet critical spaces for discourse.   With soaring real estate pricing out many galleries, it is hope that DHP can provides an opportunity for experimental interventions by artists, collaborators, curators and the public. 

Located in the Lower Junction, the heart of the newly minted gallery district of Toronto.  Our project space shares common areas with our sister project, the print studio JEREMY DOES ART PRINTS.

We currently have an annual call for submissions but we are open to receiving proposals and solicitations throughout the year for future exhibitions, collaborations and partnerships.

喜.  囍.

In the Chinese language, Double Happiness () is an unusual character in that it is formed by doubling and joining up the same character for “happiness” (instead of using the word “double” () This character () — and the notion "Double Happiness" — usually describes a happiness that comes from a union of two things.  For us, there is also an element of duality and dichotomy which forms in grouping of two or more things together.  We use this as a mantra in the way we program and exhibit works.


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163 Sterling Road, Studio No. 125
Toronto, ON, M6R 2B2

Monday - Friday
1 PM - 6 PM
or by appointment


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